Engine 5000cc – V8 - 471hp
The car depend on 5.0L – V8 engine that produce massive power with 471hp, these numbers can be realized only when test drive the car and have the feeling of the extraordinary experiment

8 Speed SPDS (Spot Direct Shift) automatic transmission

Sport transmission effectively enhances smooth movement and serves to provide exceptional performance and fuel efficiency.

Drive Mode Select (Sport S – S+ - Normal – Eco)

You can tune the performance of the car to suit your driving mood. Eco Mode helps reduce fuel consumption. Sport S Mode adjusts the powertrain for more responsive driving, while Sport S+ Mode increase the responsiveness for unexpected driving experience.

Pre-Crash Safety System & Radar Cruise Control

These two systems work alongside each other to keep save distance between the rear and front vehicle to provide high degree of safety & secure for the driver and passengers.


Vehicle data such as the current speed, engine rpm and gear shift selection is projected directly onto the windshield in the driver’s field of view. Simplified navigation commands, audio settings or other selected vehicle data can also be viewed in the head-up display.

VDIM (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management)

an advanced integrated control system that combines sophisticated active safety functions with optimized stability and control. VDIM integrates operation of systems such as TRC (Traction Control System), VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), and ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution). In addition, it consolidates control of the EPS (Electric Power Steering). As a result, VDIM helps to optimize the driving performance by providing better handling and great controlling in different roads situation.


Specified with a fully digital 835W amplifier and 17 speakers utilizing GreenEdge technology, the Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System delivers a high resolution, 360° stereoscopic, home concert experience.

Lane Departure Assist (LDA)

Alerts the driver if the system judges the vehicle is about to cross the lane markings without using the turn signals

The Automatic High Beam System (AHB)

Helps safe driving at night by instantly switching from high to low beam when the lights of an oncoming.


One of the advanced safety systems that help drivers to detect a vehicle enters the blind spot, the driver is warned by an indicator in the relevant door mirror to avoid collisions.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

Wave radar that detect vehicles approaching the area behind the vehicle. When an approaching vehicle is detected, the RCTA function alerts the driver using a buzzer and indicators on the outer mirrors.

TVD (Torque Vectoring Differential)

Enabling the driver to enjoy sport driving performance with confidence. The system implements suitable control to rear wheel torque , helping to properly control the vehicle’s orientation during cornering. This system works on different types of roads and tracks.

Electronic Instrument Meter:

Displays and design enable the driver to instantly recognize information on all driving conditions, which display:

  • Selected driving mode.
  • Lap timer.
  • Torque Vectoring Differential (TVD).
  • Magnitude of G forces acting on the vehicle.
  • The amount of steering operation.
  • Throttle opening.
  • Brake hydraulic fluid pressure.

Front Sporty Grille

The front sporty grille offer powerful and aggressive shape, In addition to brake ducts in the front bumper, draws in large volumes of air for brake cooling.

F sports seats

F sports seats inspire enthusiasm and spirit of adventure, which respond to the requirements of high-performance driving, where enhance driver stability and provide appropriate support to various driving conditions.

The F logo

The F logo represent the eye-catching lines of styling with an aggressive attitude confirm the sport identity of the car.

F Style alloy wheel

F Style alloy wheel 19 inch, the design gives strong and solid image.

Steering Wheel with F emblem

Steering Wheel with F emblem support driver confidence and launch forward momentum in a sharp expression of pure “F” performance.

Aluminum pedals

The aluminum pedals highlight the strong design to provide a feeling of sporting control.

AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension System)

AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension System) work in response to driver input and road surface conditions, helping to achieve natural smooth changes in vehicle behavior.